How to Draw a Strawberry Step by Step

How to Draw a Strawberry Step by Step

How to Draw  Strawberry Step by Step?  This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in How to Draw Strawberry Step by Step.

This quick and pretty 4 step tutorial show how to draw a strawberry. It may be good for inexperienced persons that need to draw one thing good however easy.

Strawberry drawing step-by-step

The strawberry proven for example in this tutorial needs to be fairly simple to attract even in case you are a newbie. Just observe the steps rigorously. You can see the preview of them within the picture above.

Start the tutorial in pencil and make gentle strains. This will each make it simpler to appropriate errors and help you erase a slightly little bit of the drawing, which you will want to do in step two. You can darken them afterward with a black pen or marker.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Strawberry

Strawberry define drawing

Begin by first outlining the strawberry’s outer form. Make it wider in the direction of the highest and wider because it goes down with a little bit of a bump on the very backside. This kind of form is a pretty attribute of strawberries so in case you get this half proper your drawing will already begin to seem like what it’s purported to.

Step 2 – Draw the Crown

Strawberry sepals drawing

You can both erase a slightly little bit of the strawberries defined on the prime first or draw within the crown after which erase it afterward.

The crown is made up of sepals (little leaves). Try and draw these of barely totally different styles and sizes as proven within the instance. You can define every with simply two curvy/wavy strains.


Once you’ve drawn the crown add the stem popping out of its middle. Make it narrower in the direction of the underside and wider in the direction of the highest.

Step 3 – Finish the Line Drawing

Strawberry line drawing

To end the road drawing add the seeds. Try and draw these in a manner that makes them form of “flow” alongside the form of the strawberry. You can do that by positioning them at angles that considerably match the outer curves of the berry, particularly close to the perimeters. Draw the seeds nearer to the center with much less of an angle and those within the very center simply vertically.

Draw the seeds nearer to the center with much less of an angle (nearer to being vertical) and make their shapes wider. Drawing them in such a manner will give the strawberry an extra three-dimensional look.

Once you might be completed with the seeds go over your strains with a black pen or a skinny black marker. Alternatively, you can even simply darken them by urgently more durable on the pencil.

Step 4 – Color the Drawing

 Strawberry drawing

Finally, for some primary color you may merely make the strawberry pink, the crown and stem inexperienced, and the seeds yellow. Markers, paints, and colored pencils can all be good and straightforward choices for doing this.

Once completed coloring you ought to be completed with the tutorial.


While the drawing is sort of easy the ultimate outcome nonetheless seems to be fairly good, particularly so due to the little trick of utilizing the seeds to offer the strawberry an extra 3d look.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts. How did you like this article How to Draw  Strawberry Step by Step, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something?

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