How to Draw a Mango Step by Step

How to Draw a Mango Step by Step? This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested

How to Draw a Mango Step by Step

How to Draw a Mango Step by Step?  This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in How to Draw a Mango Step by Step.

This six-step tutorial shows how to draw and color a mango for beginners. It provides simple illustrated examples and quick and easy-to-follow instructions
Mango drawing step by step

You can see a preview of the different stages of the tutorial in the image above. The first half focuses on online drawing and the second on coloring.

Start in pencil and make light lines, as you will need to do some erasing in step two. You can darken them later on with a black pen or marker.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Mango

Mango outline drawing

Draw the outer shape of the mango with a slight upwards curve in its overall form. Make one side narrower and the other wider. Also, add a small indent on the upper end of the wider side.

Step 2 – Add a Leaf

Mango with leaf drawing

To make the mango look more interesting, you can add a leaf. First, draw its outer shape over the top of the mango outline and then erase the part that it overlaps.

In this case, the leaf will be viewed at a bit of an angle, so you can draw it fairly narrowly. Define its shape with a pair of smooth lines and give it a pointy tip.


Inside the little indent on the back draw a little bump-like a bit for the stem. Make it wider at its base and narrower as it goes out. Afterward, connect the leaf to the bump with its petiole.

Finally, running through the middle of the leaf, add the midrib to finish this step of the drawing.

Step 3 – Finish the Line Drawing

Mango line drawing

Inside the leaf, going from the midrib to the edges, draw a series of wavy and curved lines to show the veins. Make them longer at the base and smaller near the tip.

Generally, the veins tend to be on the opposite sides of one another but to make them look more natural place a few at random as well.

Once you finish adding this last set of details, trace over your lines with a black pen, or marker or darken them with a pencil. Just be sure that you are happy with how things look before doing so.

Step 4 – Color the Drawing

Mango color drawing

With the line drawing portion of the tutorial finished, you can begin adding some color. For the initial part, simply fill the entire mango with yellow, the leaf with green, and the little bump of the stem with brown.

You can do this using markers, colored pencils, paints, or just about any other medium you might prefer.

Step 5 – Add a Red gradient

Mango gradient drawing

To make the mango look more interesting, you can give it some red on one of its sides. Add this as a gradient, where it starts with a solid color and eventually blends into yellow.

An easy way to do this is with a colored pencil. You can even do it over top of dry paint or marker (if you’ve used those for the previous step).

Step 6 – Add a Green Gradient

Mango drawing

On the opposite end of the mango, do the same thing as the previous step, but with a green gradient that fades in the direction of the red.

Once finished with this step, you should be done with the tutorial. Hopefully, you’re happy with how you're drawing turned out.


This tutorial shows how adding a little more color to your art can make a really big difference. Without the red and green bits, the mango would look a lot plain and boring.

Of course, having a good line drawing as the basis is also very important.

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