How to Draw Cherries Step by Step

How to Draw Cherries Step by Step? This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in How to Draw Cherries

How to Draw Cherries Step by Step

How to Draw Cherries Step by Step?  This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in How to Draw Cherries Step by Step.

This six-step tutorial on how to draw cherries for newbies. It offers easy, however detailed illustrations and fast directions.

Cherries drawing step-by-step

The instance is of two cherries related with their stems in addition to a cherry leaf. You can see a preview of the drawing steps for these within the picture above.

As you will have to erase among the outlines in a few of the steps, it's best to begin the tutorial in pencil and maintain your strains gently. You can darken them with a black pen or marker earlier than coloring.

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shapes of the Cherries

Cherries define drawing

Begin with a primary definition of the 2 cherries. Draw their shapes wanting as if they had their tops considerably squished in (take a look at instance). Also angle them in a method of the place they're dealing with, barely in the direction of each other.

Step 2 – Draw the Cherry Stems

Cherries stem drawing

Add some “indents” with wave-like shapes in the direction of the highest of the cherries, and from these draw the stems. You can even erase slightly a bit of every cherry defined close to the highest. You can do that earlier than or after including the stems.

Draw every stem as an extended narrower curve in a method the place the 2 finally be part of collectively.


Step 3 – Draw the Top of the Stems

Cherries stems prime drawing

For this brief step, draw the tiny half that joins the cherry stems to the department. Usually, these are usually pretty brief and considerably uneven in form.

Step 4 – Draw the Leaf

Cherries with leaf drawing

Now draw the leaf. You can draw the primary form of the leaf with simply two curved strains. You may also draw the midrib (center of the leaf) that transitions into the leaf's petiole with who extra units of curved strains. The midrib/petiole needs to be wider in the direction of their bases and thinner in the direction of their ends.

Step 5 – Finish the Line Drawing

Cherries line drawing

Finish the road drawing by including the veins in the leaf. Draw these as curves that go from the midrib in the direction of the outer edges. Afterward, hint over your strains with a black pen, marker, or darker pencil strains.

Step 6 – Color the Drawing

Cherries drawing


You can shade the drawing utilizing absolutely anything (markers, colored pencils, paint, and many others…). Simply make the cherries pink and the leaves inexperienced, however, depart some small white areas on the cherries for the highlights. As cherries are inclined to have a reasonably easy floor, they'll are inclined to have form and shiny highlights/reflections.


An easy drawing of cherries with just a bit of element can look fairly good and shouldn't be too troublesome to do even if you're a newbie. Hopefully, you’ve discovered this tutorial and the step-by-step drawing method useful.

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