How to draw an Apple: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to draw an Apple: A Step-by-Step Guide

This easy six-step video teaches how to draw an apple for beginners. It has brief instructions and very basic examples that are presented.

Apple drawing tutorials

Red Delicious apples are the kind that is displayed in this lesson. As the name suggests, these apples are known for their red hue and a series of bumps around their bottom. In the picture above, you can see a sneak peek of the many phases of the drawing for this specific apple.

The sample has some stylization and simplification, but not too much.

Since you will need to erase portions of the drawing in two of the sections, it is advised that you begin the instruction with a pencil and use light lines. Additionally, light lines will make it simpler to fix errors should they occur. Later, before coloring them, you can deepen them with a black pen or marker.

Step 1: Drawing an outline of the apple is the first step.

Make an outline drawing of the apple's primary form like in the example as your first step. Apples with bumps on the very end (as already indicated) and a broader top are known as Red Delicious apples. Additionally, you may add a slight downward slope to the top of the outline.

Step 2: Draw the Top Indent in the Apple 

Top Drawing in Step 2

Add a wave-like form to the top of the apple's outline for this quick step. This will show you where the stem originates. Additionally, make an effort to place the indent about in the middle.


Step 3: Sketch the Stem of the Apple

In the first stage, erase a little portion of the apple's contour (towards the top center) and add the stem (coming out of the middle of the indent). Make it broader at the top and somewhat narrower at the bottom. In comparison to the actual apple, it ought to be quite compact and thin. You can also slightly misalign the tip (like a tiny wave).

Step 4: Create the Leaf Apple leaf illustration

The bigger leaf components should be drawn for this stage.

Its general form is first established with two curved lines. Create it with a broader center and a narrower end (with a pointy tip). Then add the stalk after erasing the portion of the apple's outline where the leaf overlaps (petiole).


Apple and leaf illustration

The midrib should follow the petiole (the part that runs through the middle of the leaf). Make it thinner as it extends toward the leaf's tip and narrower at the base. Two curving lines that finally converge can be used to delineate.

When finished, your drawing ought to resemble the one seen above.

Step 5: Complete the Line Drawing by Adding the Leaf Veins.

The leaf's veins should be added as the last set of features. Draw them in smooth arcs from the midrib to the outside margins (without touching them). Instead of merely positioning some of the veins on opposite ends of one another, try placing some of them somewhat differently. The leaf will seem more natural as a result.

Once the veins have been added, review your drawing to determine if any last-minute modifications are necessary. Once you're satisfied with how things seem, you may either continue or just deepen your lines with a pencil or black pen.

Step 6: Color the sketch of an apple

Make the apple red, the leaf green, and the stem brown using some very basic colors. Leave a small white patch for the highlight (light reflecting on the apple's smooth surface) to give the illusion that it is shining.

Markers, watercolors, and colored pencils may all be effective and simple coloring tools. Even better, you can combine many of these. You may, for instance, use a marker to color the apple's vivid red and a green pencil to color the leaf.

After completing this step, the drawing should be finished, regardless of your decision.


This lesson demonstrates a straightforward, step-by-step method for drawing a Red Delicious apple. You can quickly identify the apple by using its most distinctive features rather than sketching it in a more intricate and detailed manner. The directions and examples should have been clear and helpful to you.

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